Russell Collection educational institutions edging out their a lot less prestigious competition using a buyer’s industry

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On Monday, shares of AU Optronics Corp (NYSE:AUO) fell -1.29% in trading session and finally closed at $3.84. The company most recent volume stood at 1.65 million shares as compared to average volume of 2.12 million shares. Over the one year trading period, the stock has a high price of $4.42 and its low price is recorded at $2.54. The company has a market cap of $3.70B.

AU Optronics Corp. (NYSE: AUO) today reported that numerous types of innovative mobile displays and technologies will be presented at SID’s Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles from May 23 to 25, shaping the future of smart living. Exhibition highlights include a complete portfolio of LTPS LCDs for notebook PC, with UHD 4K ultra high resolution, ultra narrow border, and low power consumption. For AMOLED, AUO will demonstrate world’s first 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch true circle AMOLED(*) smartwatch displays and 5-inch foldable touch AMOLED for future wearable or phablet applications. A new suite of ultra high resolution, free-form, and curved automotive displays, and 15.6 to 35-inch LCDs for gaming displays incorporating high resolution, ultra high refresh rate as well as bezel-less and curved design will also be showcased.

During the last trading period, the peak price level of the share was $3.85; it means it is top price of day and down price level of the share was $3.80; it means minimum price of the day at which price share traded.

Advancing High Potency, Curved and Free-form Displays for Modern Smart Cars: Over the years AUO has accumulated profound experience in the making of high-end car displays, for applications ranging from instrument cluster, center information display (CID), in-car entertainment system to rear-view mirror. The 8.9-inch LCD for rear-view mirror comes with a full mirror design, with AHVA wide viewing angle, high brightness, fast response time, and free-form narrow border design, offering a wider field of view to substantially increase driving safety.

AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is one of the world’s leading providers of optoelectronic solutions. AUO offers a full range of panel sizes and comprehensive applications ranging from 1.2 inches to 85 inches. Based on its profound R&D and manufacturing experience, AUO continues to develop advanced display technologies of the next generation.

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另外,友達也看好未來車用面板市場發展,友達總經理蔡國新指出,由於車用是客製化為主,隨著車用面板愈來愈多元,友達有不同世代的產品、技術與尺寸,可以靈活調整的彈性,也是友達的優勢,對車用市場友達很有想法,未來會有更大的機會持續發揮。 (蘋果日報)