Health Marijuana and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Health Marijuana and Post-Concussion Syndrome

What’s post-concussion problem?

Post-concussion problem is a problem that may happen after somebody suffers a concussion. Patients using this disorder can show symptoms that are various as headaches and dizziness, which could continue for months and sometimes even months after the concussion.

How do marijuana help that is medical?

Medical cannabis can help efficiently treat symptoms that are many with post-concussion problem, such as for instance headaches, sickness, sleeplessness, etc. Many testimonials from health practitioners or patients can be obtained on the web, including this endorsement that is raving

Talking about medical marijuana, Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather said that, for me, there’s absolutely no better medication to treat anxiety disorders, mind traumatization and post concussion problem. Clients may use strains that are sativa-dominant fight their psychological symptoms, despair, headaches and migraines.